5 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2022

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One essential aspect of branding is logo design. The logo is often the first recognizable element of a brand or business that people see, therefore, a great logo is a key ingredient to making a good impression on potential clients or customers.



It is worth noting that new styles are being developed with logo designs all the time. They usually come and go. However, there will always be elements of logo design that are here to stay.

This 2022, we are ready to take on the challenge with a fresh outlook and a new perspective. This is the perfect time to give your logo a makeover or build a suitable logo for your new business.


Here are some of the top logo design trends you should take note of this 2022.


  1. Nature Logo Design

Customers are now seeking out companies with sustainable credentials and it is a good idea to convey an eco-friendly message to your brand logo. You may add natural elements to your logo design as it is one of the ways to communicate that your brand is environmentally conscious and committed to doing good.

Natural logo designs typically feature illustrations and motifs that convey the feel of the great outdoors. If this resonates with your business, you may add it to your logo design. Add delicate petals and beautiful blooms as necessary.


  1. Throwback Logos

Most brands are now returning to their roots with rebooted versions of their classic logo designs. Some companies have added a contemporary twist to their old-school packaging and made it a little bit suited to this generation.


  1. Clearer Fonts

When it comes to cutting through the noise, a clear and uncluttered brand logo will stand out from the crown and help with customer recognition. The trend this year is simplicity, which means that brands are ditching the twirling cursive and superfluous details in favor of clear, easy-to-read typography, making it readable across a range of devices and screen sizes.

If you are not confident with your logo design font, contact our Miami marketing graphic design firm so our team could help you build your brand.


  1. Stripped-Back Branding

Clearer fonts are gaining popularity, so is stripped-back branding. Companies are now overhauling their visual identities in favor of a more simplistic style, giving their brand a modern feel. The use of geometric shapes is being implemented to add structure and communicate stability in logo design.


  1. Multi-Colored Gradients

While it is true that gradient has been trending for a while now, multicolored gradients are also making their way into the world of logo design.

Adobe, for example. Used this trend in its Creative Cloud logo, featuring a blend of colors representing the various tools with the brand’s portfolio. With the use of multicolor gradients, they were able to establish a clear and consistent brand identity across all of their products and services.





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