Graphic Design 101: The Power of a Logo

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Graphic Design The Power of a Logo


When designing a logo, there are a few things that you need to consider, such as colors, fonts, and shape. Do you know why your logo is important for your business? Keep in mind that the logo of your brand is considered the lifeblood of your business. This is the strongest representation of your company. Think about the decision procress of your client, trying to choose from so many other products or services that are the same as yours. Nowdays, people make quick decisions and most of them, judge a book by its cover.

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What composes the logo?

When creating a brand image for your business, there are three essential elemnts a graphic designer focuses on. In order to be recognized, the shape, colors, and font matter the most. These elements allow the logo to develop a sense of trust, authority, affordability, and even excitement. In short, whichever emotion your company wants to convey to your audience depends on the composition of your logo. 


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How influential are these three elements?

The moment a designer creates a logo, science explains what these small elements really mean. 


Without a doubt, design is important in your business. Did you know that 93% of the purchase decision is made out of visual perceptions? This only proves how influential color actually is. Meanwhile, 84.7% of the total number of consumers look for color and consider it the main reason they buy the product. On the other hand, 80% of a human’s thinking color process increases the brand recognition. 


If you think fonts do not matter, think again. Fonts allow your audience to decide and choose your product with characterists such as scaling, spacing, weight, and typeface. In fact, not only do fonts allow the eyes of your target market to create a playful, yet simple representation of your business, but they also make them feel how trustworthy, and strong your company is. 

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Always remember that our subconscious mind allows us to respond to different shapes and logos your design has. Straight lines, circles, jagged edges, and even curves imply different meanings whenever these are used in your logo. This allows your company to convey different qualities your product can offer. 


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The bottomline is, no matter how great your logo is, if those 3 elements are not taken into consideration, there is no way your brand image will be able to hit your target market. Every brand is different, and it is important that you find a graphic designer that knows how to create a logo suited for your brand.



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