The Best Methods to Get Clicks On Your Content

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Fabrizio Colombi

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So, you want to make your audience read your blogs right? For any content creator especially, the ones who are particular with their inbound marketing strategy, good content is everything. The challenge is that even before we compose that quality content, you have to grab your audience’s attention. Your blogs may be compelling and engaging but it has to start with taking attention. There are proven and tested methods out there that will help you command their attention.




Supply and Demand

This may seem like an economic theory but it also has some social psychology application. If you look at it closely, demand for a commodity rises when supply is scarce. This isn’t a consumerism ploy or people being greedy but is more of a natural instinct. This is the what psychologists call the scarcity principle. It’s a survival trait that we developed to ensure we get the best of what we need. It’s not that apparent in this day and age but the general gist is still there. You should know how to take advantage of that idea by invoking a sense of scarcity of exclusiveness with your services. The action of getting and owning something not all people have makes you feel powerful deep down and can be a very addictive feeling for some. This is a great inbound marketing strategy when you’re just starting out or web traffic seems to be slow.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

This is an old-aged phrase which has a scientific background. Instinctively, we are curious creatures at the core. it’s a survival and adaptation mechanism. We’re curious because we want the information of something unknown so we can take advantage of it or learn how to survive against it. We don’t usually acknowledge but everything we learn is being automatically valued by our own brains. It gives people a sense of rush to feed that curiosity and they gain a sense of reward when they do gain some valuable information about it. If you want to get subscribers on your blog, it’s a long-running inbound marketing strategy to use headlines or content that heavily invokes a sense of curiosity and your audience will be highly inclined to feed that curiosity and gain that sense of rush after.





The most common inbound marketing strategy out there is connecting with your target audience. Social psychology shows that people we really make an effort to socially interact. The fact is that the phrase, “no man is an island” is a highly authentic idea. People will always try to find and identify themselves as a part of a larger group. Your content may not blatantly say your audience’s names but it can help themselves identify who they are. In doing this, it makes them feel like they’re in the right place and feel like they mutually belong there and potentially settle in to keep reading your content. It all boils down to how effective you can connect with your target audience and a sense of belongingness is a strong emotion to bank on.






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Fabrizio Colombi

Written by Fabrizio Colombi

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