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Google is the most popular and prevailing web search engine to date. It has influential reach to almost every website, from Facebook and Instagram to YouTube. Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that utilizes a pay-per-click method. What this does is creates revenue for every click or impression on their ads. This is why you should consider investing your time, money and effort on Google if you want to even reach your target audience. The better equipped your ad campaign is, the greater the potential you have in creating new leads. Google will possibly always be the most used search engine and they keep receiving an estimate of 3.5 billion queries per day. A lot of other companies and businesses already have seen this  and already know the influence Google Ads has over the masses. Anyone can utilize Google Ads, but only the best actually are adept in maximizing its potential. Hiring a professional and experienced digital marketing agency in Miami will help nail your Google Ads campaign. 



Ad Relevance

You may have a catchy ad but it should also be able to reach the intended audience. Your ads don’t have to be so broad that it losses context as a whole. Your ad headline should be able to match the relative keywords that you’re offering. You should bear in mind that if your ad doesn’t match the searcher’s intent, you will potentially lose the lead. You should be able to assess and correct any problems or hassle your searcher is experiencing and work on improving it in the long run.




Landing Page

Like any other customer experience, the Google ad shouldn’t just end with one click. What happens during and after that click is also vital as any other factor. The transition should be smooth and simple without any complex features. The landing page itself should be clear and concise that customers can easily recognize and understand it even at just a glance. The landing page should be able to influence and convert a call-to-action and be able to turn visitors into potential leads. 




Quality Score

Google has its own integrated grading and ranking system which is also aptly named as Quality Score. This is how they assess how your Google Ad ranks against all the other ads and where they can potentially place you in their search exposure. This quality score can be influenced by three factors in your ads. The first is the overall quality of the ads themselves. It should be as eye-catching and intriguing as possible. The second is the relevance of your ads to keywords. The last but not the least is the landing page and how well the customers enjoy the whole experience of the ad. Your Quality Score is a highly integral part of your Google Ad campaign. The higher it is, the lower your acquisition  costs can be and the better placement you’ll get.


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