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More than half of the world’s population is accessing the internet through a mobile device. In the past years, there had been astounding growth in mobile. In many countries, people are purchasing smartphones first, bypassing laptop or desktop ownership as their first means of internet connectivity.



Marketers should need to adapt to this change. They should be able to use the power of mobile devices to provide a personalized experience for the user.


Mobile marketing is key. But what is mobile marketing?

It is the use of all digital, social, and related content marketing channels to reach an audience via their mobile devices. It takes a marketing strategy and optimization and for delivery through a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the mobile marketing strategy uses a combination of marketing channels to connect with an audience through a mobile device, generating leads through these channels.

We’ll go through these channels for you so you know where your buyers spend their time and what type of content they’re consuming on their smartphone.


Responsive Website

A responsive website is one that was originally developed for PC but was optimized for navigating to and from on a mobile device. It allows users to click buttons, read text, and navigate within the website on their smartphones. Having a responsive website allows it to remain a critical marketing channel for audiences who made the switch from computer to mobile.


Mobile Search

More than 60% of Google searches take place on a mobile device, compared to a computer. Given this high percentage of searches done over a smartphone, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a big part of mobile marketing strategy as it would in a broader digital marketing strategy.


Email Marketing

Mobile users tend to check their email three times more often than non-mobile users. They are also responsible for at least 50% of all email opens, which can be a great opportunity for mobile email marketing. Make sure the email newsletters you deliver to your recipients are optimized for viewing on most mobile email platforms.


Social Media

Social media is currently enjoyed on mobile and there are platforms solely designed for mobile. Instagram, for instance, the mobile photo-sharing platform, has more than 1 billion active users monthly – all of them are required to upload photos via a mobile device. Establishing an Instagram presence as an additional platform for your business is suggested.


SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is another term for text marketing, which uses text messages in reaching the target audience with messaging related to their business. Texts are not often associated with brands, which makes it a little bit unreliable. Nonetheless, there are types of SMS messages that are appropriate coming from a business. It also depends on the type of target market you are trying to reach.


Mobile App Development

Attracting your audiences through an app can be a huge help for your business. This may sound like a big undertaking, but it only takes a few engineering resources and a clear goal in mind and you are good to go. There are customers who prefer a mobile version of your product and this can be your opportunity to boost your business.



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