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Mobile commerce is growing around the world, and mobile devices and tablets are taking over the market today. Business owners are starting to understand that the key to future success is to adapt and optimize their website for mobile search. Regardless on whether your website is on mobile or not, the following mobile marketing statistics you should know will enlighten you about the advantages of going mobile today, and how it could benefit your business in the coming years.


75% of Americans admit that they bring their phone to the bathroom

Americans are so attached to their devices that they even bring them to the bathroom. This survey shows that allowing your business on mobile, particularly in marketing your business in social media, email and online games can make a significant boost of sales.


40% of online shoppers check 3 or more channels before making a purchase

Online shoppers have important considerations before making a final purchase decision, such as the credibility of the website, price of the items, and transparency of the orders. This helps you understand your market competition and reevaluate your website and offers, specifically in building and keeping your online reputation and offering fair pricing.


4 out of 5 customers are Smartphone users

Many retailers today, like Target, recognize the digital marketing trends so they maximize their mobile marketing by offering discounts and coupons for their target audience who are Smartphone users. Some restaurants make a variety of offers including free drinks, appetizers and coupon code in Facebook, Foursquare and Yelp.


77% of Americans own a Smartphone

According to statistics, even those folks 50 and up own a Smartphone today. This is an eye-opener for online marketers, especially for websites that are not yet optimized for lead generation and mobile search. This figure can justify the company expenses on mobile strategy.


70% of mobile searches eventually result to online action within an hour

If you look at the bigger picture, mobile search is nearly three times more effective than searches through desktops. The reason for this is that Smartphone search is intentional, whether it is food, clothing or an oil change for a car. Meanwhile, people who use laptops or desktops just want to satisfy their curiosity about a specific product or service.


70% of mobile users in America will make mobile payments this 2017

Mobile payments this year is expected to reach $60 billion. According to Business Insider, by 2020 mobile payments is expected to reach $503 billion. It is definitely more convincing, isn’t it?


Mobile internet use surpasses desktop usage worldwide

In December of 2016, it was announced that mobile usage had already surpassed desktop usage in browsing the Internet, 51.3% on mobile and 48.7% on desktop – worldwide! But in America alone, desktop is still a bit dominating with 58%, taking over mobile, which is 42%. But it’s also important to know that this trend is reversed in emerging markets where the primary medium for internet access of consumers is through mobile phones.




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