Highly Effective Content Marketing Strategies for 2021

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In your business, you need to invest in content marketing to improve your chances to engage with your buyer personas, convert more leads, boost brand awareness, and connect with your audience. You need to identify the kind of marketing tactics that are effective so your business can use them to achieve your marketing goals.



We’ve identified a few tactics you should focus on in 2021. 


Keep Creating Clustered Content to Build Topic Authority

When creating topic clusters, ensure that each cluster touches on all of the ways people are searching for that topic. You can start with your pillar page, putting the main keyword you’re targeting. Then the sub-content should be about the specific angles of that topic. All the content is clustered through an internal linking structure.

Having clustered content will solve various related search queries, populating more of the search engine results page, and building greater topic authority.


Topic Authority and Multimedia Content

An important piece to the topic authority puzzle is multimedia content like video marketing, images, infographics, and audio. These content pieces improve your chances of ranking. Search engine results page solve for searcher intent, and creating an image or video can be the best way to do it. Just in case the search engine results include multimedia and your content does not, there is a possibility that your organic results will be pushed down the page and out of sight. One way to determine the media format that can give you the best chance at ranking for that query is to perform a simple search for your target keyword.


Start Thinking Beyond Search and Rankings

Think of ways to engage your audience that don’t involve being fixated on rankings. You can look into your company’s unique voice and perspective. Create content that others don't. Maybe start an interesting conversation. This is usually how you can successfully build a dedicated audience.


Stop Publishing Content for the Sake of It

Creating content for the sake of creating content, or to gain organic traffic isn’t going to benefit anyone; not even your brand, prospects, or audience. You may be caught up in the race to publish as much content as possible to drive the greatest amount of traffic to your site. But in the long run, it will turn out to be counterproductive. You may end up accumulating loads of traffic but your conversion rate is low. Just because you have content that’s driving traffic doesn’t make it useful. If you want to positively impact the audience, your content must be tied to your business.


Always remember to identify topics that align with your business, industry, and/or product. You need to be consistent in creating topics that are relevant to your audience.






Daniela Belevan

Written by Daniela Belevan

Daniela Belevan is the Marketing Director at DecoGraphic, managing and implementing inbound marketing strategies. When she’s not at Deco uploading blogs or optimizing client’s websites, you can find her lifting (or attempting to lift) heavy at CrossFit.


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