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We live in a digital era of fast connections and quick information. Anyone can now conveniently find anything that they want and need by just a click of a button. This is the reason that most businesses have also opted to boost their market through the internet, especially through social media platforms. These sites are filled to the brim with people sharing and discussing the same likes and interests. It's one of the best places to gain exposure for your brand and build your business within the world wide web. The challenge is deciding who your social media target group is. 



Social Media sites are crowded with a broad spectrum of diverse people with different preferences and likes. The task of trying to cover as many as those groups is almost impossible, and you’ll just be constantly struggling to meet their demands. This is why you should know how to appeal to the audience that you actually want to. It’s a fact that you always can’t please everybody, but at the least you can try to appeal to a specific audience that you know you can cater to.


Determine the Personality

Before you decide on the target audience that you want, you should get to know and understand the group that you’re going for. You should at least be able to identify their basic demographic info like their age, job, income and interests. This is what will help you build on the future campaign for your target audience. You can also dig deeper and try to elaborate on the specifics to help you get an even better understanding of your target audience. The most crucial thing that you have to take note of is that each person also has their own personality, so you should cater to each one of them while meeting their expectations as a whole.



Identifying your target audience is already a good start to help build your way to success, but it's only the first step. Now that you know which people you want to appeal to; the next phase would be pinpointing where most of them are typically gathering. This means that you should know which social media platform has the most activity for the group that you want. There are a lot of social media platforms today than they were years ago and extending yourself too much to all of them can possibly hurt the quality of your service. This is the reason why you should determine the platform that has the most activity so you can focus your efforts more, rather than dilute your services.



One of the best ways to gauge your own brand and compare if what you’re doing is right, is by observing your competition and learn how they engage with their target audience. Most of them may have already been here long before you entered the scene and they have already established a strong foundation for audience engagement. It wouldn’t hurt to learn from them while also planning your own strategies on how you can surpass their techniques. Their successes and even failures is a goldmine for you to gather info and analyze on what you can do better.



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Fabrizio Colombi

Written by Fabrizio Colombi

Fabrizio serves as a Senior Consultant at Decographic. He's been with our team since 2008.


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