How to Optimize Social Media Platforms for Halloween

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Businesses often take advantage of Halloween and begin posting on social media early before the holiday. Halloween posts are going to pop up at this time of year, giving a treat or fright phenomenon to a lot of social media users. However, businesses should be able to identify their objectives first when posting on social media so that their efforts won’t go in vain.



To help you with that, here are the best social media platforms to publish social media posts or execute campaigns based on the objectives you set for your business. You also get a sneak peek at how to request boo-tiful Halloween visuals for your campaigns.

  1. Facebook

Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users monthly and it’s no surprise why this platform is sitting at the top of the list. A way to a Facebook user’s heart is through engagement, whether you are marketing for a brand or expanding a personal Facebook page. Being able to instantly hit it off with a user can already develop a sense of inclination towards the entity behind a profile picture.

Take advantage of user-generated content. You can host contests, giveaways, voting systems, and simple queries to your posts to be able to increase brand awareness. For Halloween, you can host a “Create the Best Halloween Costume” giveaway to your followers. You can ask them to post their best Halloween costumer picture in the comments and pick one who can take home free merchandise.


  1. Instagram

Instagram has over a billion users monthly, which makes it second to Facebook. Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, these social media giants are making it easy for marketers to manage these platforms through integration.

For Instagram, it has notable features that brands and users won’t find on Facebook. For example, if you are selling Halloween-themed items on Instagram, you can take advantage of the Instagram Shopping feature. This feature allows users to click on the product, see the description, price, and link to your website.

For higher conversion rates, videos are recommended because they are more fun to watch than still images. Creating a spooky Halloween social media video might just make the rounds online. Depending on your objective, you can create creepy, scary, informative, or funny Halloween videos that could gain more likes and shares. Never forget to incorporate a call to action in each Halloween social media post.


  1. YouTube

YouTube has around 1.9 billion stream videos monthly. However, no matter how good, funny, or scary your Halloween-themed videos are, they are no good if no one clicks on them. That is why it is important to optimize your YouTube channel for your Halloween social media videos.

There are lots of ways to do this. One is to upload a scary Halloween prank or a DIY Halloween makeup tutorial. For those using YouTube Video Ads, you need to take note of these critical factors: impressions and clickthrough rate. Impressions cover the number of times your thumbnails appear on YouTube. Clickthrough rate (CTR) is the number of times users click on your video ad.

To do this, you should create attention-grabbing titles. Use the right and relevant keywords so that your videos appear on top of search engines, increasing your impressions. The next thing to do is to make sure your thumbnails are eye-catching. Use brighter colors to draw more attention. You can also use a similar template for your thumbnails to establish your brand identity as it can increase your subscribers as well.



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