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Blogging is one of the earliest and most practical mediums of social media and is still one of the strongest platforms to date. It has gone through a lot of changes to adapt to the audiences’ wants and the content creators needs. Some of those changes may not have been the best decisions to the platform, but it has evolved from those setbacks and has turned into one of the most solid forms of social media even to this day.



Blogging may still be a great medium for social media but online trends and behaviors will always keep on changing to fit the audiences’ preferences. It has also turned into a competitive environment where content creators try to stand out as much as possible and be the most trending blog. This is why keywords are turning into a vital factor for a successful blog. The content will always be what makes people stay and come back to you, but there should also be something that draws them in. You can’t simply set any part of your content as your keywords especially when search engines like Google have distinct algorithms that set which words are more searchable than others. This is why you should know what aspects to consider when using the right keywords. 


Like your content, your keywords should fit what target audience you want to draw in. The more general and obscure your keywords are, the less likely that you actually produce the desired result and hit the audience that is actually interested in your content. Hiring a digital marketing agency with a knowledgeable team will help you get a good grasp of who your audience is and what words you expect them to search when looking for your blog. The better you understand and can relate to your audience, the easier it is to identify the most efficient keywords that your content has. 


A good way to track trends and changes in search engines with your audiences is taking note of your search volume. This is aggregated date that show which words are searched the most over a span of a month. You can use this data to identify the best keywords with the most searches for your blog content. This goes even better with relevant keywords as it produces easily searchable keywords that also has a high volume of web traffic. 

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Most search engines now have an algorithm to follow and even have a ranking for keywords. This means that strong keywords will be prioritize when used as a search term. You may think that having a lot of keywords will cover a lot of ground to reach potential audiences but it’s actually the opposite. Even if you have a hundred keywords for your content, search engines like Google will rarely acknowledge those search terms unless they have a good balanced keyword difficult score and a high search ranking. You have to understand that keywords now focus more on quality over quantity, especially when they are millions of blogs and keywords already vying to be the best blog out there.




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