Snapchat or Instagram: Which is Growing Faster?

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Snapchat or Instagram:  Which is Growing Faster?


Do you use Snapchat or Instagram? If so, then you might be wondering which app is growing faster. For years, Instagram has been one of the fastest growing social media platforms. The app went from 300 million users by the end of 2014 to 400 million in a span of just nine months. Then in June 2016, the app reached 500 million users. Meanwhile, Snapchat is not far behind. Recently, reports say that the app has around 150 million daily users, an increase from 74 million two years ago. Snapchat’s growth has increased significantly and over the last 18 months, it increased its user base by double. So given these stats, how can we really make an accurate comparison between the two apps?


At the end of the day, a comparison is a less relevant when it comes to choosing which social media platform you will use to capture your audience's eyes. But somehow, these comparisons can offer some interesting information. So, Instagram or Snapchat? Which is growing faster?


Snapchat vs. Instagram

The two apps are clearly going head to head in capturing the user’s attention. Instagram is the original photo sharing app. When Snapchat came around, it entered the competition with force attracting millennials on a global scale while also becoming popular among older generations. So which app is growing faster and who are the users?

When it comes to user acquisition, Snapchat seems to attract around 20% more users than Instagram around the world. In Russia, Instagram has the upper hand since it outperforms Snapchat by 16 times. While in the United States, the latter outperforms by 87%. In the U.S. alone, Instagram has around 35% of the market share while Snapchat has the remaining 65%. 


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What is next for the two apps?

Millennials are the most users in Snapchat but older generations are starting to use the app too. In the beginning of 2016, Instagram had dominated the market in non-millennial growth in the United States and United Kingdom by 59% and 68% respectively. However, Snapchat with the release of their Face Swap feature, turned the tables with a 3% lead in the United States.


How about women?

Instagram was favored by women for a very long time but now, there are certantly more female users in Snapchat. In January 2016, Instagram had 59% of the U.S. and 68% of the British market shares but analysis show that Snapchat overlook Instagram in the markets by 3% in the US and 5% in the UK. 


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Snapchat is not just for millennials, at least not anymore. This app was once thought to be made for this specific age group but now, it has been gaining attention and more people from older generations are starting to embrace the app. While your selfies and photos will continue to be posted in either social media site, for now, Snapchat is leading when it comes to growth.


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