Let's Take a Page Out of Bernie Sander's Book

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Let's Take a Page Out of Bernie Sander's Book


Creating a new brand progressively gets more difficult as time goes by. There are so many other businesses and new ideas popping up, making it a tough competition. So how can your brand keep up? Let's take a look at one of the United States’ presidential candidates, someone who people didn’t expect to have a marketing campaign that would go far. Bernie Sanders is the example of what it’s like being the underdog rising to the challenges of taking on popular and dominant players. The things that make underdogs so appealing are their determination despite the odds against them and how they relate and inspire the masses. Not only does this apply to the presidential elections but also the marketing world.


Let's take a page out of Bernie Sander's book

Capitalizing the Underdog

Just like many new and different businesses, Sanders’s brand has an idea and message that speaks to audiences. But just like how big brands write off any new competitors, the media has depicted Sander’s chances in a similar manner. Whenever big names are involved, the tendency is to accept that there’s no competition because the top dog will win. This is where the challenge comes in for new faces trying to gauge their success by testing existing assumptions.

During the early stages of Sanders’s campaign, critics were quick to label his supporters as a noisy minority that would not even create a dent during elections. But this early success indicated that there was a definite shift in the mainstream.

Addressing Societal Tensions

Sanders’s wants to open the masses to the idea of economic and social fairness which resonated with those who felt trapped after the Great Recession. When someone feels like an underdog, they tend to lean towards other underdogs. By taking a stand and addressing issues that are usually swept under the rug, you eventually begin to connect with your audiences and challenge the norms. For example, create a fashion brand that caters to all kinds of body types and not just the “ideal.” 

Starting out, people will have a hard time seeing a brand as appealing or relevant since they are unfamiliar with it, but will admit that it’s different. The next step is showing how that difference is relevant and how it can benefit more people. Once a trend starts picking up it either flops or goes completely viral and changes the status quo. 

Choosing the Right Approach

As appealing as an underdog take may be, marketers need to take into consideration if that is what would most benefit the company. It will not work for everyone. For example, health care, real estate, and cars would be something customers would want to get the best quality or the notable brand. Having a top-dog status gives a sense of security to the people. As a marketer, if you’re trying to find ways to market your brand, research your audience and address issues that seem neglected by competitors. From there, focus on improving your image and demonstrate on what makes your brand different and how that is relevant to your audience.




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