Top 4 Vimeo Tips to Gain More Video Leads

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Creating great content is necessary if you want to capture the attention of your potential clients. You need to make content that builds your brand recognition and tells your story. In recent years, videos have become a major lead generation tactic and it is important to know why. If you haven’t ventured out into video content, you are missing out on a serious opportunity of reaching more leads for your business.



Vimeo is a great platform to start with. Here are some key insights and simple tips on how to increase leads using your videos through Vimeo.


  1. Add customizable content forms.

Your video should utilize in-video contact forms to capture specific information from leads rather than just relying on CTAs to boost follows or website traffic. You can go as simple as gathering their email or do a more detailed approach like including their demographic information, short answers to collect personal insight, or other actionable data.

You should include these forms on videos embedded throughout your digital ecosystem, which means in your website, landing pages, and even blogs to passively build qualified leads.


  1. Utilize a multi-step format.

This has been a popular thing before but it is still as effective. This format has been shown to increase form conversion by up to 52.9%. A multi-step form is a type of form that breaks a longer contact form up into a more digestible series of questions, which should boost user experience and eventually increase conversions. Using this multi-step form usually reduces friction and helps you wait to ask for more user guarded information until the user is already a few steps into the process.


  1. Optimize for any platform.

It is your main goal to have an excellent user experience no matter how they’re viewing your video content. It is important to create videos in different formats and aspect ratios depending on your hosting plans, and you should not forget about your contact forms as well. Use a contact form that displays on mobile and desktop well to ensure you’re capturing all potential leads. Keep it as simple and effective as possible.


  1. Get creative with your placement.

Contact forms can be anything you want them to be. However, you need to look for a format that depends on the kind of content you are sharing. For example, if you are offering premium or long-form content, gating your video with a contact form right up front is a great way to boost leads. For a shorter form, place the contact form in the middle or just before a climax for it to be effective in terms of incentivizing information sharing. You may not think about putting your contact form at the end of the video because most viewers stop watching a video after one minute, but it can generate the most qualified leads. This is because they are the ones who watched all the way to the end and are most likely to be engaged with your brand or story. Learn to get creative and experiment.







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