How to Create Video Content Without Being on Camera

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How to Create Video Content without Being on Camera


The value of video content nowdays is important because it is a brand new strategic move to get ahead of the competition. It is a type of visual content to increase your conversion rates and is useful in sending your message to the right audience, including customers, investors and employees. It is effective in telling your story.



Video content proves to be helpful in the decision process of a business in order to establish a new concept or to improve customer service experience.

Funny as it may seem, most of you are too shy to be on camera.

You ask: Is there any way to create videos without being exposed to the public?

As a matter of fact, there are a number of ways to do so.

Read more to learn how to create video content without being on camera.


  1. Talking Head Video

In a talking head video, you are not entirely invisible. There is a small overlay window in the corner of the screen – that’s where you will be. You’re still on it, but at least you are not the main focus of the entire video. On the bigger part of the screen is where the real training, tutorial or product session occurs so you have no reason to worry about being totally exposed.

This video format is an easy way to get started and to look professional.


  1. Screen Share Videos

Screen share videos are probably the fastest and easiest to produce. If you really don’t want to be captured by the camera, you would probably want to choose this format. It captures screen action on your desktop or mobile device. It is most effective in giving instructions and creating tutorials where viewers can clearly see everything, even the tiniest details.


  1. Graphics

Graphics may include charts, graphs and hand sketches, but there are other more. Creating graphical video is somewhat similar to screen share, but instead of using live action, you will incorporate graphs or drawings on the video. In doing so, you’re required to use voiceover or caption in order to clarify what’s on the screen.


  1. PowerPoint Presentations

You can also use PowerPoint in creating your marketing videos. Save a sales pitch, seminar or speech video using PowerPoint. No need for third-party voiceover software because PowerPoint already has a voiceover tool that you can utilize. When you’re done, simply save the file as a MP4 format.


  1. Explainer Videos

Explainer video is a powerful marketing tool that uses animated characters to create an engaging short video. Strategically, the video initially asks a question then offers a solution to solve it. Although it attempts to solve an issue, often an explainer video is a sales pitch that attempts viewers to purchase the solution. Explainer videos tend to be repetitive.

Despite that, they are effective in capturing viewer’s attention, and increase click-through and conversion ratesIf you want your likeness to be on cam, you can create a character that looks like you or any of your employees. One problem though. You need to utilize third-party software in creating an explainer video so if you don’t own one, you might need to hire a service.


  1. Photography

Photography is a video format where you create a video slideshow from a collection of relevant photos. It can be a collection of your products or testimonials from satisfied customers. YouTube offers this for free. Just simply upload your photos and add captions and a voiceover.

Video content can help your business, particularly in conveying your message to your target marekt. But don’t force yourself to be on camera if you really don’t want to. Use one of the ways mentioned above to up your game while keeping less visible on public.


Good luck!




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