Why Good Photography is Necessary for Your Marketing

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Why Good Photography is Necessary for Your Marketing


Did you know that 37% of marketing experts conclude that visual form of marketing makes up the most vital part of content for various corporate industries? It’s an innovative business model that shouldn't surprise you. This is because research says that 65% of the human race learns visually. What does that contribute to visual marketing, you may ask. Since a large portion of your target market are said to be visual learners, they will be able to understand the message that your brand wants to convey to them in a more efficient and effective manner. Read our blog to learn why good photography is necessary for your marketing and business.





Invest in recruiting a Professional Photographer

Not only will a professional photographer be able to provide you with high-resolution photos, but he is also competent enough to deliver his expertise in advising you on how to project your brand to your potential customers. Much more than this, hiring a pro will also help in correcting flaws in the images that you will be producing.

How to hire an expert:

It is highly suggested that you hire a digital marketing agency with expertise in corporate photography. Before you close the deal and start snapping away for the photo shoot, you must ensure that you are able to determine the following: 

• What is the core of your business?
• What is distinct about your brand?
• Who is your target audience and how can you give value to their money?

A full understanding of what your company’s identity is trying to transmit to your clients will give the photographer a complete idea of how you will determine the concept of your photo shoot in terms of what kind of lighting to use, where to shoot your photos and even what the models will wear. A good photographer will make sure that their goals are aligned with that of your company. Also, look into the type of equipment they have and chek whether its all complete including lighting, post-shoot software and editing skills. Lastly, before you hire a professional photographer, do not forget to take a look at their work. Either visit their website and look at their portfolio or tell them to bring in printed photos of their work. 


Photo by Guillermo Colombi, for Carnival Entertainment



Make Your Photography Tailored Fit Your Brand

It’s crucial to be able to present the part of your company that you want to show in order to lure potential clients. This is why tailoring photography to the needs and identity of your brand is vital for business success. If in case, you are quite uncertain of how to project your brand in today’s challenging market, you may try looking into your competition. Try to see how they are selling their brand to the type of customers that you are trying to attract. After doing so, use your competitors as a benchmark and determine the necessary changes you want to apply in order to make your own identity while using strategies that have already worked.


A great image is the last thing someone remembers from an ad. When planning your marketing campaign you must first understand the customer you are trying to reach, using the right visual language for the appropriate audience. DecoGraphic has created several categories, each tailored to the specific needs of an audience.

– Product & Packaging Photography
– Real Estate & Interior Photography
– Clothing & Fashion Photography
– Commercial Photography 


Contact us now for more information on how we can help your business with professional photography!



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