2017 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know About

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2017 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know About


2017 has began at full force with technology developments, making it another year of purely technological advances. But as technology moves forward, so does digital marketing. Below, learn new 2017 digital marketing trends you should know about and how you can apply it to your business.



1. Using data to your advantage

Cognitive analytics can be considered as the missing link between data and the reality of how to use this information to forecast the practical decision-making of customers, particularly their purchasing behavior. The digital era has an ever-changing social trend, thus making consumer behavior difficult to identify and to further comprehend. However, with the aid of cognitive insights derived from advanced analytics, marketers are able to figure out their clients’ digital behavior and are able to change and adapt their customer service accordingly.

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2. On the GO

Over the last ten years, the advancement of mobile phones has been so rapid that this gadget has replaced a lot of devices in our lives. One of the current realities we have observed is that it has actually displaced the GPS units (Global Positioning System) which were separately used as gadget back in the days. Marketers have begun incorporating this feature to geo-target both their existing and potential customers since GPS has been a vital part of smart phones for some years now.


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3. Content is everything

According to Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” What marketers should remember is to always fill their content marketing materials with valuable information that will allow digital clients to want to consume the brands being marketed instead of wanting to avoid it because of its irrelevance or lack of value.


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4. Which is which?

The goal to succeed in Content Marketing is to provide as much valuable information as possible to its desired audience.  Without valuable content to help them with the product they are researching about, consumers will most likely bail out and will not move forward with the purchase.


5. Think Mobile

The evolution of technology has been very fast-paced and has moved to the arena of mobility. People like devices better when it can be carried around wherever they go especially taking into account the busy lives that people live nowadays. In order to adapt with this “You’re mobile, therefore you are” mentality, marketers should find ways to go into digital advertising in order to push their products successfully.


6. Social media is becoming a circus

As much as marketers should take advantage of the personal information posted by their consumers online in order to analyze their digital behavior, they should also be aware of mushrooming fraudulent accounts. You must determine action plans on how differentiate authentic consumers from bogus ones to save time, money and other marketing resources as well.


7. It's all about design

It’s all about the design. A business’s website will become the brand warrior of the marketer’s company, products and services. As a result, the website becomes an integral part of your marketing strategy. Its design should come across its desired message to its targeted audience and should capture and sustain their interest to consume the brands being marketed.


8. Me human, not robot

The aim of marketing automation is to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media and other website actions to make these tasks easier to complete. However, some marketing automation systems make customers feel as though they are not being treated as actual customers, thus losing the human touch. These automation systems should be carefully planned to keep the customer satisfied with her buying experience.


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9. Always verify

Everybody’s a journalist in the advent of various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and personal blogs. People are becoming too dependent on what they readily read on their newsfeed that they don't even bother to verify the source against other sources anymore. This is becoming a challenge for marketers to be able to produce credible content which consumers could significantly rely on.


10. Security alert!

Recent statistics show that consumers are increasingly alarmed with how companies gather, utilize and protect their personal data. Thus, marketers should develop a more secure data policy that meets consumers' growing demand for greater privacy and security. 



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