4 Key Benefits of Video Content

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In this digital era, getting the attention of the public is a must. With the emergence of electronics, gadgets, and apps that are competing for the same thing, it causes data overload within the audience. It makes them block distractions and instead focus on what’s urgent.



A study from Microsoft five years ago revealed that humans now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, which lasts about eight seconds. Two decades ago, we were at 12 seconds. This is why content must be compelling, entertaining, and/or informative. If not, it will be another mindless noise. Marketers should be able to know the right format to engage and catch the attention of customers. Lately, video content is rising, and it will continue to rise within the next few years.


Learn the Four Key Benefits of Video Content.


  1. Multimedia works well with device screens.

Content that grabs attention often requires the use of multimedia formats like videos and images. This multimedia will maximize your reach because it also works well with small electronic screens and users tend to quint their eyes and impatiently scroll until something compelling captures their attention. On the other hand, the eyes have a harder time processing written text with complex, multisyllabic words. You should be able to show your audiences relevant and engaging content using videos. You will be serving spectators well by showing relevant, timely, and excellent content that they are most likely to interact with.


  1. Video makes learning convenient.

Text can be a hard time competing with multimedia when using digital screens, as mentioned above. Around 20% of the text on a page contains an average of 593 words, which is a lot. Remember to create content in a format that can produce quality click-throughs.

Digital audiences prefer to consume videos because it is easy, convenient, and painless. This is also the reason why Hollywood filmmakers and TV executives continue adapting popular books. They are making it easier for people to understand the book. Viewers often find it more convenient to learn something, like history, on television and in movie theaters than having to read about it.


  1. Video familiarizes audiences with your personality.

When it comes to reading, audiences find it hard to remember an author unless they have read a ton of their articles or books. For video, it enables viewers to get acquainted with your unique personality, which rapidly increases familiarity and credibility. If you happen to have a good personality or impactful voice, this charm will remain in their memory, inviting a purchase, subscription, repeat clicks, and social shares. You can even become an influencer in your industry and gain more views this way.


  1. Clips and footage increase conversion rates

People are more likely to cry watching a visual narrative than by reading it. The visual and auditory stimuli affects taste buds even when watching a cooking show. Videos create a lasting impression because it effectively stimulates the human senses.

By putting a video on your landing page increases conversions by 80 percent, so it's recommended that you put videos on your landing page.



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