How to Effectively Brand Your Business in 2020

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For most people, branding is an often-used word in business and it creates confusion on what it really means. A lot of people also think that branding is expensive. The truth is, there are creative ways on how to brand your business effectively. What it requires is an investment of time and the ROI won’t go unnoticed.



Every business should keep in mind that branding is crucial in developing the business. It is the foundation of giving your organization a voice, identity, value, and awareness among customers. Business owners should be able to come up with a plan on how they can effectively brand their business into something that customers will look forward to. There’s a lot of resources, tools, and platforms available today that can help you build your brand.

Follow these easy steps on how to effectively build your brand in 2020.


  1. Create a persona to understand your audience.

The key to creating marketing messages is to know what appeals to them. You need to create a buyer persona – a representation of the values and characteristics of your ideal customers. It should outline the challenges of the customer and where the business fits in solving their problems. List their demographics, age, education, and other necessary details you might think is important in creating that buyer persona.




  1. Develop an identity and voice for your brand.

After identifying your buyer persona, the next step is to start creating a brand identity and voice, which means setting the tone you will use in any copy or public communication. It should provide what the company’s values are, what do they represent, and how do you want the public to talk about you.

Content should be focused on the identity of the brand. Begin to craft compelling emails, blogs, social posts, and multimedia that reflect your company’s mission, values, and how you want to appear to customers.

Your voice should be effectively incorporated through your content. You may want to go into using conversational language that relates to customers. Or depending on your brand, you can experiment on how you would approach your customers.

  1. Map out a consistent social media presence.

Having a clear picture of your personas and having a brand identity and voice gives you a signal that it is time to put the word out there. Figure out what your audience is spending the most time on social media. Having an online presence on the right platform is a big help in building your brand and attract customers.

After finding out the effective social media platform for you, you need to find the majority of your audience and that’s where you will have to allocate your resources. But keep in mind not to ignore other potential audiences as well. This is your opportunity to tap your buyer personas as well as diversifying your reach.



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