How Long Should a YouTube Video Be in 2022?

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Most people abandon a YouTube video because it's too long. If it's too long and uneventful, they will look for a shorter video. This happens when video creators don’t keep their target audience and viewer intent in mind. As a rule of thumb, when it comes to YouTube video length, the shorter the better. Most viewers don’t want to hear your life story; they just want the answer your video can provide. The key here is to get straight to the point and grab the viewer’s attention right from the get-go.



An ideal YouTube video should be between 6 and 8 minutes long. Once it goes up to 10 minutes, you risk losing your viewers. And according to YouTube statistics, 20% of the people who start a video leave after the first 10 seconds. This means that you need to make every second count when creating content. Always remember that it can be frustrating whenever viewers try to look for answers thru your videos, only to find out they spend 13 minutes talking about things related to their question. There is a tendency that they will not check your videos if they have future questions.


When it comes to optimizing your YouTube channels, you should know these best practices to keep a positive viewer count.


  1. Use descriptions to provide more detail

If you have a lot to cover in your video, you may want to consider writing an in-depth blog on the topic and then provide a link to the blog in your YouTube description. For instances where you want to give a more detailed narrative about your background and what makes you a subject matter expert on the video topic, you can include it in the YouTube description as well.




  1. Create YouTube playlists to organize video content

For complicated topics with lengthy responses, it is recommended to try breaking up your video content into a series and then create a YouTube playlist. These playlists can produce a series of short videos relating to the umbrella topic. By creating a series of short videos covering a central topic, users will be more inclined to view multiple videos and eventually subscribe to your channel.


  1. Determine optimal video length with YouTube Analytics

After distributing your videos, use YouTube Analytics to see specific data on how well the videos perform and experiment with different video lengths. You can test the waters by creating 2-minute, 5-minute, and 7-minute tutorial videos and analyzing their performance just to see which length has the best engagement.

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  1. Use YouTube Studio

YouTube wants creators to make videos that immerse viewers, the reason why they created YouTube Studio. With YouTube Studio, creators can edit or upload new video content, manage their channel, interact with their audience, and grow their subscriber count.




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