The Importance of Investing in PPC and SEO



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Information is now so quick and easily accessible a with just a few clicks. A lot of people tend to fact check when they aren’t 100% sure if what they know is right. One of the most prominently used search engines, Google, is a highly reliable fact checker and seemingly the source of any and all information known to man. We can’t avoid being inquisitive and curious beings and we’re constantly searching especially with products or services. This is very important for businesses as it opens the door for potential customers and creates more exposure for your brand when you’re in the forefront of searches. This means that having your business be search-capable and search-ready will turn into an advantage in the long run.





Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enhances your websites search potential through processing algorithms in identifying brand related keywords that you want to target and creating content around that concept. This increases traffic within your website and helps clients find you quickly. The challenge here is that SEO consistently changes depending on the needs of the consumer, so your content must always stay relevant and should be easy to read.



Pay-per-Click or PPC is a form of online advertising that allows you to pay a set amount for each click your advertising receives. You are given the ability to choose the copy of your ad and target the audience keywords that you want. Paid adverts or search results are given priority and will often be displayed above the organic search results. The only difference with SEO is having a budget invested to promoting your content for the keywords you’ve targeted.


Which To Use?

No matter which one you choose, your aim is still creating quality content that reflects with your clients because their interest is what keeps your business afloat and your revenue flowing. SEO gives you the potential to rank on the page of one of search results and users usually trust organic searches over the promoted listings. It has no relative cost whatsoever. The only problems are that return of interest for SEO can be slow especially if you’re just starting out and search engines like Google often updates algorithms to cater to the interest of the users. The potential to tank is there but climbing it can be a challenge especially when competing against high-authority websites. PPC, on the other hand, creates immediate results. This is due to the fact that it is unaffected by algorithm updates and that your ads are ensured that they are always in front of clients. PPC can be expensive, though, especially when you don’t know how to budget your finances. It is relatively easy to implement but you should also update it to optimize it and make tweaks to make it better.





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