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Nearly one-third of the global internet audience is YouTube active users, and it has become a vital platform used within most video marketing strategies. Being one of the biggest social media platforms, it is also considered one of the most competitive for brands. For every YouTube channel related to a specific industry, there are a handful of others churning out similar content. If you want to rise above YouTube’s competition, you need to regularly create content that grabs your viewers’ attention and keeps them engaged. If viewers are not entertained with your content, they’ll click out of them before they end and find better content from another channel.



So, before you begin producing your own content, it is important to ask yourself, “Why do consumers click out of YouTube videos?”

Here are the top responses from viewers you may find useful and informative as to why they click out of your YouTube videos.


  1. Too many ads appear before or during videos.

Creators can’t do so much when it comes to ad placement at the beginning and end of their YouTube videos, however, mid-roll ads – which appear by default in videos that are eight minutes or longer – can be turned off in your YouTube settings.

But if you’re trying to monetize your content by enabling more mid-roll YouTube ads, you need to weigh the pros and cons of this type of ad. While you might earn more money for your content, this ad placement could also be a major friction point that causes your viewers to click out of your video.

The trick here is to make sure your video is intriguing, valuable, or exciting enough to keep the viewer watching – even with a short ad beak.




  1. Videos are not entertaining or attention-grabbing.

Most audiences don’t expect B2C or B2B brand content to be as entertaining as videos from musicians, television studios, or influences. However, there should be appropriate storytelling approaches to grab the attention of your viewers. If you want to rank high on Youtube, you have to gain the attention of your viewers so they continue watching your videos. Once you hook them, you can continue to include interesting information or scenes in your content to keep them watching.

  1. Videos are too long.

Even if you have great content, viewers can only pay attention for so long – especially on a fast-paced platform like YouTube. Most people watch videos during a break at work or during their daily commute, which concludes that people are having slightly shorter attention span when it comes to online content. So if you want to get more views on your YouTube videos but you’ve seen that your viewers regularly drop off at around the same minute-mark for each video, consider adjusting your strategy to create shorter, more concise videos and see if there’s an improvement.


  1. Videos don’t provide helpful information.

Consumers are on YouTube to learn how to do something, study up on a hobby or interest, or learn more about their favorite influences and a whole lot of other things, not just for entertainment. Some researches show consumers increasingly use YouTube to learn about products, services, and brands.

Looking at this information, it is safe to say that regardless of what kind of content you make, consider providing valuable or educational information in it so users feel like they’re learning something new. This will make your viewers continue watching your videos until the end with the assumption that they’ll continue to gain valuable insight from you.




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