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The Power of Employee Post Shares on LinkedIn

5 minute reading
In digital marketing, LinkedIn stands out as a powerhouse platform for professionals and businesses alike. It serves as a fertile ground for sharing insights, networking, and establishing thought leadership within various industries. Among the multitude of strategies employed by businesses to boost engagement on LinkedIn, one tactic consistently stands out: employee shares of blog posts.
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How to Successfully Generate Leads on Linkedin

# LinkedIn Marketing
3 minute reading
Lead generation is one thing that every business owner should learn. With the rise of social media platforms, they are not used as a tool to successfully gain qualified leads. There’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to start with. But did you know that you can also use LinkedIn for lead generation?
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Mastering the Art of Video Marketing in Linkedin

# Digital Marketing
3 minute reading
Using social media websites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for marketing has been around for a very long time. Social media websites have millions of registered users and visitors everyday so it’s no surprise that it is a great way to market your business and gain lead generation. But besides th...
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How Often Should You Post On Social Media | DecoGraphic

# Facebook
3 minute reading
One of the biggest problems of every social media marketer and content manager is the frequency of posting and when it should be done. You can’t blame them for that kind of thought because social media is extremely fast-paced. However, they also have to take into account the fine line between how mu...
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