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Social media has evolved from a platform for people across the globe to connect and communicate to a medium for  businesses to showcase their products and services. We live a modern society where almost everything is virtual and online. This is why the websites like social media platforms have become a huge influence in the marketing environment. Businesses currently need to know and understand how social media platform works for them especially, and which platforms can generate the best response to their target audience. This is why you should know how to utilize social media analytics in order to operate it effectively.




A social media report is crucial for accurate analytics because it provides a summary of distinct metrics and data keys about the content you generally share to your social media platforms. This is the tool that you need to help your analyze and review the analytics for your platforms. With the innovations we have today, most reports now can easily be customized to fit your business’ needs. This is also the reason why you should have the knowledge on the different kind of reports so you are able to choose the best format the fits your business. The report that you will plan and create will be unique to you and your business since it will be based on the type of reporting tool that you decide on.



Your Social Media Analytics may reflect the effectivity of your social media strategy, but it should also mean something for you and your company. Analytics at its core sets where you stand as a business, but it should also be a guide for the goals you’ll be setting. Data without direction and objectives are just numbers and descriptions. In order for analytics to be efficient, it has to have a benchmark to follow and a goal to reach. These objectives should also have a structure to them to have an impact. It has to be specific in the sense that you know which key points to focus and emphasize on. Your goals should be measurable so that the data assessed can be easily identified and compared. It should be attainable in the sense it can be logically done in a sensible duration of time. The objectives should be relevant to your company and what it represents. 



The tools for social media analytics will be what can help you make everything easier and faster to process and assess. The Reports tool is an effective asset to your analytics but it is not the only tool that you can use. With digital innovations being made at a consistent basis, there are now hundreds of tools to choose from that you can use. The challenge is choosing the right tools that will have the most impact to your social media analytics.  

Fabrizio Colombi

Written by Fabrizio Colombi

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