Ten Commandments to Rank High on Google

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Ten Commandments to Rank High on Google


No matter what business you have, nowdays it's important to have your product or business online. Although there are a lot of marketing styles exposing your business,  the online community was, is, and will always be the best option to hit your target market. This article is intended for entrepreneurs who wanted their sites be on top in Google searches. Read below to read the ten commandments to rank high on Google. 


1. Security

Instead of having the standard HTTP protocol, it is best to have an added layer of your site’s security with HTTPS as you encrypt in SSL. This extra security server prevents your site from being hacked. Keep in mind that Google wants the sites to be safe in the internet community. Taking advantage of the HTTPS to rank is a safe route.


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2. Speed

Think about how users feel whenever they open a site that takes time to load. Google offers a site that allows you to have a speed test. Remember page size matters and affects with the loading time. Speed is a great factor if you want to be on the lead. Simply follow on whatever Google recommends for improvements. 


3. Mobile Friendly

Along with everyone with their smartphones, it is necessary for your site to be mobile friendly. You must take note that these days, people prefer to go online on their mobile phones and less on their notebook, laptop, or even desktop. In order for you to be recognized and allow your site to be seen, you have to make sure it is set for mobile viewing. 


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4. Sitemap

It is important for your site to have Google index. This is the reason in having the XML and the HTML format. Sitemap can be uploaded to a Search Console. On the other hand, WordPress has their CMS’s that automatically builds these for you. 


5. Schema Markup

Adding this to your site allows you to have better results. Adding Schema markup to your pages, enables your website appear attractively. As a result, it increases the brand awareness and most of all it helps you be on top in Google rankings. You must remember that these rich snippets encourages users in the internet community to click on your page keeping a high click-through rate even without adding too much information. 


6. AMP

AMP, also known as the Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open source from Google that assists the speed of your mobile web. This allows your site to load faster compared to your existing webpage. Although AMP may not be considered as a ranking detector, but the AMP results in SERPS.


7. Authoritative Banklinks

Once you add links to pages that have higher ranking, definitely it will allow your site to soar as well. Authority backlinks are a better way to have your webpage be seen as these sites are trusted signal. 


8. Outbound Links

Always remember that once you load a webpage that has quite a number of outbound links, the usability and readability of your site can be affected. If this is the case, it is impossible for your site to be on top of the rank.


9. Pages on your Site

If you think the simpler and fewer pages on your site is the better, think again. Larger sites with many quality pages brings you to the top. This only proves how trusted your site can be. 


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10. Downtime

Yes, of course downtimes can affect your Google ranking. Take advantage of better servers that don't bring you a lot of downtime for maintenance or some server issues. Whichever server you use, make sure you have 24/7 customer service.



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