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Basically in all businesses and interactions with clients, good first impressions are crucial. It sets the tone of the relationship between you and your audience. It also gives them an idea of who you are as a brand and what they can expect from you. The best way for any successful business to set a good first impression, is through welcome emails which are created with email marketing automation.



This kind of email form has become a standard for any profitable business out there, especially nowadays where the internet and social media are the most used medium of interaction. Unlike the typical email, the welcome email’s goal is to confirm a customer’s registration with your business and greet them into your brand. This is why it’s often the first email you should send before any other brand emails because it reaffirms their engagement with you.

The challenge is deciding what kind of welcome email should you send out because it should be able to fit well within the context of your brand. This is the reason why you should know the different examples of welcome emails so you could have an idea of what the trend is and what you think would be the best fit for your business.


Storytelling Emails

The nature of welcome emails is to basically introduce yourself and what you can offer to your target audience. Most people love a good story and a brand with a unique one will boost your engagement with your customers. These are the best kind of welcoming emails as it helps your clients understand you better and it's the best way for you to become more personal with them. It gives you a better medium for you to showcase your values as a brand and even your selling proposals. The better your audience knows you, the more comfortable they’ll become to reach out and make transactions with you.


Discounts & Promos Emails

A good way for your emails to feel more personal for your customers is to offer deals in your welcome emails. They will see that you appreciate them for subscribing with your brand by giving them discounts as a welcome gift. The aim from these discounts and promos is to pave the way for a good relationship with your customers and keep them engaged with you. It also gives them the extra incentive to make their first purchase with you and persuade them to stay with your brand in the long run.


Imagery Emails

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this can be exactly seen in an email marketing campaign. Businesses now understand that most people have a short attention span and emails, or even just ads, that are long just simply do not connect well with them. You need an email that is precise with its message without feeling too tedious to read. This is where eye-catching images and high quality photography can come in and help with your promotions. Your content is what will convince them to stay, but its your images that will first draw them in. Imagery welcome emails are actually the one of the most enticing and engaging out there.





Fabrizio Colombi

Written by Fabrizio Colombi

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