How to Make a Good First Impression

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How to Make a Good First Impression


10 seconds. That’s all it takes to make a first impression. This means that your website should have amazing qualities to engage a new visitor at his first glance to your website.



Here are some tips on how to make a good first impression:


  1. Define your target audience

Before saying anything in particular, you have to determine your audience first, such as their age, gender, location, income level, education level, marital status, occupation and educational background. Studying and understanding your target audience will help you dive into their discussion and follow the patterns of their conversation.


  1. Dress your website right

So you already know what motivates your target audience. This is the part where you dress your website with the right clothing that will fit to your target persona Choose appropriate brand colors, find the right fonts, and utilize print materials to make a consistent positive impression. Make sure that your website’s overall design reflects the exact message you are trying to convey.


  1. Show off your best attributes

Show off your best attributes and direct your visitor’s eyes on them. These attributes contain the power to catch their attention, build trust and provide answer to what they seek for. Three most important things to keep in mind are the font size, color and placement. Make your marketing statement larger and brighter, and surround it with space to make it stand out.


  1. Build trust.

When a new-comer visits your website from a search result, he doesn’t know you yet. It’s right to assume that the first thing he does is to check if you can be trusted.

What are the characteristics of a trusted website? Right off the bat, the two aspects you need to focus on are: aesthetic and online security. The elements of the design matter because a cluttered aesthetic simply shows that the owner doesn’t care at all. A secured website possesses an SSL certificate, correct domain and company data, privacy statement, and other important certificates.


  1. Speak the right language.

In studying your target audience, you will learn the words they use in their daily conversation, and the exact way they use them. Maximize your social media and conduct interviews that can help you on this task. The first few words on your website should define how your audience expresses their frustrations and challenges as you offer solution to their respective needs. Once they understand this message, it means you made the right choice of words.



You should remember that first impression is the key to make your visitors stay on your page because it defines trust. No matter how great your offers are, if you can’t make a good first impression, you won’t last in the online market competition. You only have ten seconds to do it so make it count.



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Daniela Belevan

Written by Daniela Belevan

Daniela Belevan is the Marketing Director at DecoGraphic, managing and implementing inbound marketing strategies. When she’s not at Deco uploading blogs or optimizing client’s websites, you can find her lifting (or attempting to lift) heavy at CrossFit.


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