Building and Maintaining Client Relationships

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Fabrizio Colombi

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As much as it is important to innovate and launch new products that will make noise in the market for your brand, it is also fairly necessary to build and maintain client relationships. They can be your ticket to a stable place in the business industry and an expressway to reach wider audience through their word of mouth. Here are some tips you might find useful.



Focus on Exceptional Communication

Good communication is one of the most crucial factors of maintaining relationships in all aspect – business included. Your clients expect you to provide them with timely, efficient, and reliable communication – it will draw them a stronger trust in you. Communication also means hearing out what they want and what they don’t, their ideas and criticisms, and most especially, their needs.




Maintain a Positive Attitude

We have been told that negative energy causes bad luck in a business. As much as your clients understand you, you have to make sure you don’t bring your negative energy when you’re around them. Positive people attracts positive energy, so learn to keep the environment light and fun in order to invite the same kind of people within your business.


Acknowledge your Customer as an Individual

You should make your clients feel comfortable to be around you in order for them to be at ease when dealing with you. You can share some personal thoughts and stories that they can relate to, or at least be a friend who asks how their day was. That way, they feel like they are more than just clients to you, and that they are more than the money they are investing in your business.


Share Knowledge

Introducing your business to people is one of the hardest things to do. There are those who don’t judge and there are also those who cut you off immediately without hearing you out. It's even more difficult to deal with people who know nothing about the kind of business you are in but act as if they do. These instances can be an opportunity to make them understand why you do what you do and how you do it. If you want to make a good impression and establish a good business relationship with your clients, it counts to share with them information that will assure them that your business is worth their every cent.




Be Open

We don’t just mean being open to your clients’ professional opinions, views, and suggestions regarding the best interest of the business – that’s given - but also being honest with them with the challenges. You owe them that honesty as an exchange for the loyalty and trust they have put in you. Commit realistic deliverables and avoid false assurance; trying to feed them with words you know they want to hear rather than facts. Being open traces you back to timely and reliable communication; communicate to be understood.


Exceed Expectations

Sometimes, we tend to settle with being “okay”. But what if “okay” doesn’t bring in enough opportunities? What if being “okay” doesn’t keep them? Until when will you settle? It's true that you shouldn’t promise a client beyond what you are capable of and so you may opt to get to know your clients in a more personal way where you can discover things that might help you exceed their expectations – they need not be overdone causing you extra costs but more on going an extra effort to send them some positive impression and rear your business a good reputation.




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Fabrizio Colombi

Written by Fabrizio Colombi

Fabrizio is director of business development at Decographic. He's been with our team since 2008.

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