5 Ways Visual Search Will Change the Way You Market

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Most of us are using keywords when making internet searches. With “visual search”, we will be using images instead of words. When we say “images”, it is far different from typing a keyword on google search bar than clicking the “Images” tab to get picture results. “Visual search” literally starts with a picture and uses networks to identify what is in it, taking into consideration its shape, color, and size. The searcher is then served with the closest picture there is and sometimes, you’d get an exact object being searched. As technology evolves, visual search might just be the next big thing on your digital marketing strategy.



Here’s how visual search will change the way you market!


  1. Social influencer optimization

It has been known that products being endorsed by influencers bring a pretty wide range of market pool. The good news with visual search is that it can help the use of influencers reach their full potential. How? Right now, we can only see influencers posting fashion content and tagging specific brand sponsors or sites where users could look for those pieces. With visual search, a specific picture of the influencer can be scanned while tagging the pieces of her outfit by type. As a marketing strategy then, users or buyers can get one piece at a specific price or they can shop the complete set of outfit on another price tag. It is also helpful when users want a similar genre of outfit but of different kind. Visual search can provide them with a much wider array of options.




  1. Raising digital transformation expectations

One major challenge in using keywords on our searches is that, sometimes, we don’t get what we exactly want. Keywords aren’t always helpful, especially when you use similar words and not the exact terms. With visual search, you don’t have to worry if you are using the correct keywords or not because pictures are more reliable. For example, when searching about a specific style of outfit, visual search will give you a result based on the picture you used for searching, and then voila! You will be flooded with the results you are expecting in a more accurate and faster way.


  1. The rise of shoppable content

Ads being viewed or seen aren’t proof of sale. This is why it is important to make sure that your contents are shoppable. Most ads users encounter are merely words in different sizes and styles which are not convincing at all. Provide your viewers with elegant images on your content that direct them to specific products they want to purchase. Visual search is helpful in gauging the impact of the content you make.


  1. The Impact on SEO

Deep tagging makes SEO an excruciating work. Visual search is here to make search engine optimization easier and smarter in a way that your images will be SEO-ready, can be decipher by textual search engines, and can be found by customers faster and easier.


  1. Giving customers what they didn’t know they want

Most of the time, we have a picture in our mind of the things we want until something pops up and makes us realize we like it better. Visual search will provide that for you. Upon clicking “search” you will be given not only what you expect but more options that might shift your interest.



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