The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2020

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Uploading photos to your preferred social media platform was so simple back then. But since then, Instagram has emphasized on the impact of what photos can have on the world. They pushed further on the features and customization of theme. This is the reason why Instagram is the leading social media platform for sharing photos. It has helped innovate what a photos can actually be when it’s presented right.


For most people, the goal is to get the most likes on their photo and gain more Instagram followers. The common notion is that the more you post, the better chance there is of gaining more likes for your photos. The problem with it is that the photos will have to sacrifice their quality in order to meet the demand of posting multiple times per day. There is actually a better way of creating quality photos while also getting those much needed likes. Do you when is the best time to post on Instagram in 2020? Read more to find out!


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Most people tend to forget how much web traffic the morning has. Most of us are busy getting ready to go to work, but the best time to post in the morning is between 5AM to 8AM CDT. This is the time when most people wake up and we often tend to check their phones first thing in the morning. The drive or commute to work is also an open time slot for people to skim through the internet while they wait. People tend to fill their idle time by catching up on their friends and family.



If you somehow missed the time slot during the morning because you were rushing to work or you were preoccupied with something else, there is another time of the day with a lot of web traffic. Lunch break for most people is the time they can finally breathe and take a pause from work. This is also the time that most of them feel the drain of work and are already running out of energy. During lunch time, most people distract themselves with their social media accounts like Instagram. The best time to post during lunch is between 11AM and 2PM.


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Saturdays and Sundays can be tricky to pinpoint the best time. People usually have the day off during the weekends and most choose to relax during these days. Since most of us have a lot of free time, web traffic is more evenly spread throughout the day. After a deeper study, the best time during the weekends to post would be between 10AM to 1PM. This the time that most people are already awake and relaxing with friends and family.



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