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The Best Time to Send Email Marketing Campaigns

[fa icon="calendar"] February 21, 2020 / by Fabrizio Colombi

Fabrizio Colombi

2 minute read


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You understand that planning and making the best campaign email for your new product or service is crucial for your business. You feel like these emails are compelling enough and can impact audiences to  choose your brand. These campaigns are there to help introduce and showcase your product or service so that your target audience can show some interest. 


There is a factor that most businesses don’t often consider when sending emails. Most people still think that quantity will often beat quality but in a world where anything is possible with the click of a button, it has become more practical to focus on the quality. Most tend to simply send emails rather than plan a schedule to see the best time to actually send these email. This is a challenge most don’t want to tackle, but it is actually a crucial factor for your emails to be successful. This is why you should be aware of the best time to send your email marketing campaigns.



Emails shouldn’t just be sent dozens of times in a day or in a week. It could come off as annoying and even desperate to your clients. The more practical method is to do a daily email schedule. Sending an email once a day is enough, but only when done right. The email campaign should have some sense of build up that starts with a teaser that piques the interest of your audience and leads to slowly introducing what your product and service are. These daily emails make it seem like you’re not flooding their inboxes. It lets them absorb what they read and understood better, rather than overloading them with too much information all at once. This organizes your email campaign into a more streamlined system.





Unlike the weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays have more leeway and flexibility, mainly because most people are off on the weekend. You just have to remember that emails shouldn’t overload your audience. Weekends are often considered to be days of fun and relaxation, so your emails should also be something related to taht. You don’t have to limit yourselves to just showing info and data. This is the best moment to be more creative and even fun around your emails. People have more free time and attention during the weekends so there is more space for you to make your campaign more engaging and interactive.





We all know how crucial these email campaigns are to your brand’s success. The best time to send your emails will still depend on the nature of your business. If the daily or weekly schedule isn't working for you, you have to figure out what does. It’s still a trial and error method until you finally find the right time schedule that works for you. The important thing here is that your emails should be focusing on their quality rather than depending on the quantity.



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Fabrizio Colombi

Written by Fabrizio Colombi

Fabrizio is director of business development at Decographic. He's been with our team since 2008.

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