How to Build Your Email Subscriber List

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How to Build Your Email Subscriber List


Just because the spam filters came into the scene, it doesn't mean that email marketing is totally over. Spam filters are meant to keep unwanted mails away from your inbox. If you build an email subscriber list with people who are interested in receiving your emails, then you don’t have to be afraid of spam filters. 



Having a successful email marketing strategy can help you expand your reach to prospective customers, but be careful as you do so. Here is how to build your email subscriber list.


Include a subscription form on your website

While your visitors enjoy browsing through your website, offer them an opportunity to subscribe to your newsletters even without making a purchase. These prospects will turn into customers later on if you give them something to remember you by. So consider adding a form to fill in their contact information. Make sure to include a “call to action” on either the header or the footer tha is visible on every page. Include a link to subscribe in your signature line to give your customers a daily chance to request for your newsletters. 


Ask your customers to subscribe when making a purchase

Those customers who made a purchase have shown interest in your products, therefore, they are excellent candidates to buy from you once more. When they are about to check out, offer them a friendly subscription button that allows you to send them email communications. This button should be in a visible area so that they can take advantage of it. Also, promise to them that you will never send unwanted ‘spammy’ emails. 


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Delight them with free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. You can offer various free stuffs such as free content, white papers, guides or checklists. Inform your visitors that you’ll offer them free stuff when they subscribe. Just make sure that what you’re offering is of top quality because if not, you’re creating a bad impression to your visitors. 


Offer an interesting deal

Give your subscribers the feel of being special like offering them a discount, or a peek to an exclusive product, or the chance to purchase an item before other customers. Remember that people always love bargain and the opportunity to be part of an exclusive groupYou’ll see how this motivates them to be part of your list.


Encourage them to share

Even today, word of mouth is still a powerful marketing strategy. It may be by mail or social media, every spread of word counts. Include this in a large print at the top of the screen to encourage them to do so. As you gain more emails, more prospects are added into your list, resulting to bigger sales. 



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Send value-add content

You don’t just send random content. This is fatal for people don’t want something that isn’t valuable. Good content shares expertise and proves reliability. You can link to third party websites if you feel that their content is worth reading. Sending value-added content builds your credibility so keep this in mind before sending something to your list. 



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