How to Use Google Reviews to Increase Customers and Sales

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Fabrizio Colombi

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In this generation, when a person wants to learn something about a business or a specific product, the first step that comes to mind is to run a Google search. That is why a lot of businesses thrive for their names to show up in Google search results, especially with brick and mortar stores.



Surveys show that 28% of the products “nearby” or “near me” can usually lead directly to a purchase. Additionally, 72% of local searches result in personally visiting the place within five miles from the customer’s location.

One thing to remember here is that it is important that your business has enough online presence so that potential customers can easily search your location and products. Acquiring more Google reviews is one way to improve your online presence.


Learn some strategies on how to effectively accumulate Google reviews for your business.

  1. Ask your customers how you’re doing.

Most customers are always willing to leave an online review if you only ask them. However, the trick here is to know when to ask for it and how to ask for it. Business owners should be mindful in asking for reviews because it can backfire really fast. You should be able to ask for their feedback without sounding annoying or overbearing. Additionally, you can also send an email or make a phone call requesting for their feedback, but make sure you keep it short and polite.


  1. Make it quick and easy to leave a review.

Don’t make customers feel like leaving a review is too much effort. You need to be able to demonstrate how to leave a review easily while encouraging them to give feedback. It can also be helpful to remind customers that one or two sentences in enough, or even just a star rating for them to be pressured to leave a review.

You can also incorporate the survey link in your email signature, so it can act as a call-to-action each time you message a customer or vendor. By having a lot of reviews, your brand will become prominent and will more likely to appear in the local searches.




  1. Be responsive to your customers.

While an increase in the number of reviews can have a positive image for your business, Google will further boost your brand if you are also engaging with your customers. This means responding to reviews and appreciating the feedback that they left for you. This can also be a good counter-attack for those negative comments. This can demonstrate that you have the commitment to making things right for your customers and that you hear them. Doing it right can also improve your services and the reviews themselves. Customers would usually delete their negative review if you respond to them. This simply shows that all they want is to be heard and their feelings to be validated.


Getting customers to leave Google reviews can require a lot of hard work and effort on your part but it is worth the investment. Generating more reviews also means creating greater trust with customers and Google itself, helping your business succeed.



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Fabrizio Colombi

Written by Fabrizio Colombi

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