Why You Need a Content Strategy Before Website Redesign

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Have you noticed that your website visitors leave your page a few seconds after they open it? Is your conversion rate decreasing? Then maybe it's about time to redesign your website. But wait! It's important to take care of your content first before anything else. Think that the message you convey to your audience is the center of attention on your website. Color and design will only serve as the background. But all these combined will enable your prospects loyal customers to explore your website. Read more to learn why you need a content strategy before website redesign.


You've probably seen a lot of business owners who have redesigned their website and late asked for advice from inbound marketing consulting agencies. The idea of changing how your site looks and then putting the right content is always a mistake. Content is first, consider it decorating your cake after you have baked it. This is what content strategy is supposed to be. 


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The Heart of Content Strategy

Take advantage of the SEO services offered from a reliable and trusted agency. At this point, you have to make the right choices and decisions in order to keep your business at the top. Once you have everything ready, you are on your way to the second step - creating the content. You can begin to write content on how visual content can improve your conversion rates, or anything related to your business. Remember that the heart of your website is the right content. Your customers will learn to trust you when they read content that makes them feel comfortable.


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What is the superhero image in web design? Think about your website as a brochure. As a customer or a prospect checks out your website, if the colors and overall design catches their attention, they will most likely scroll down and begin to read. Content plays an important role in every website.


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