Google Says That the Place You’re Going to is Busy

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Google Says That the Place You’re Going is Busy


Believe it or not, Google now has the power to tell you how busy a place is. With this feature, you will be able to plan where you'll be going our for a brunch or dinner. Imagine being able to tell how busy a restaurant is before planning on going out for a special date.  Users are openly enjoying this real-time feature, as it avoids long times and hectic schedules during the busy holidays. 


Long Ago...

Not long before this Google update, people woudn't really know how busy a place was until they got there.  Even before cellphones were invented, people had no means of finding out where their friends were and where the next event was going to be. Now, we are lucky to have the Internet and of course, Google.  

Annonymus location data including the searches are used in order to determine the place’s current status. In other words, right after you hit the search button, you will be able to find how busy that location currently is.


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Not always accurate

While this feature is very useful, it is not always showing 100% accurate data. For example, it might change based on how many people come into that restaurant last minute. Often times, you might be surprised that the data showing on the widget is not accurate because people make last minute lunch/dinner plans. However, there is this nifty feature that allow you to correct the data in case you want to let others in the area know how busy the place currently is.


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Very Useful

This feature is very useful if you are trying to squeeze in time for your morning coffee before you go to work. Of course, nobody wants to wait in line to get their daily caffeine fix. If you want to know how busy your favorite coffee is, it is as easy as searching it on Google. If you see that it is quite busy and you are in a hurry, then you can just drive to the next coffee shop. 



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