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You might have heard the phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is definitely true, especially in the digital marketing world where text can be plain boring and pictures can provide a better message. Always remember that you need to show and not tell, especially in digital marketing. Truly, a picture can give a more precise and clear message than text. Below are valuable tips and the importance of visual content in digital marketing. Keep in mind that you need to fully take advantage of visual content, especially if you are going to start a digital marketing campaign.


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Boost Engagement

Plain text can be outright boring and even you have to agree with it. You can boost engagement and have a better customer experience by utilizing both text and visual content. When it comes to packing a serious punch in engagement, you can make use of social media pages, such as Facebook to make it engaging for your business. You can also post status updates in the form of photos and videos. You can even upgrade your engagement and add humor and other messages related to the product or service you are promoting so you can ensure that your post will not only get views, but will have its fare share of customer sharing your posts to their pages as well.

It's all about creativity

Creativity; this word needs to be on your top priority when you want to start using visual content in your digital marketing campaign. Instead of searching the internet for photos and videos to use on your posts, you can try to make your own. Be creative and make your own images instead of using others. Do not be afraid to have fun. Experiment with a few images and see what happens. Those that have the largest impact are those that are made originally by you, and personalizing your content with these images says much more than text alone.


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Can your audience remember it?

People can remember plan text, but a few minutes later they tend to forget it Using visual content in your posts can make it better for your customers to remember it rather than just plain text. Studies show that the human brain can actually process visuals 60,000x more than text and you can put this to your advantage. 

Constantly posting updates in your social media page using visuals is a better way to allow your viewers remember your message. Even if it is just a simple reminder, you can make sure that the message sticks to their head for a very long time. While there are still some companies who opt to use plain text rather than visual content, it can still get you some new subscribers on your social media and increase your fanbase. 

The more people you have following you, the more your posts will be shared and before you know it, you will have more subscribers. Visual content such as videos and photos are important tools to utilize in the digital marketing age.


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