How to Set and Achieve Marketing Goals in 2021

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Setting marketing objectives is important in any business as it acts as the goals your team wants to achieve during a certain time. This includes choosing a metric for your team to work towards, as well as details on how you are going to reach your goals and what the main objective is.



To set your marketing goals, you need to focus more on your purpose and process instead of just your results. According to Acunzo, you need to consider two additional factors when setting a marketing objective - your hunger and your aspirational anchor. This means the feeling of dissatisfaction with your work today or why you want to achieve your goal. Your aspirational anchor is your vision of your work in the future or how you’ll achieve your goal.


How To Set Realistic Marketing Objectives

One thing to understand is the difference between a goal and an objective. A goal is the broader vision while a marketing objective is a more concrete specification of how that vision is achieved. To do this, you can incorporate the SMART goals. 

SMART goals are realistic, quantifiable, and focused targets that you can easily aim for. SMART is an acronym that can help you clearly define your goals.



You need to identify a particular metric you want to improve, such as visitors, leads, or customers. You should also determine the team member that will do the work, the resources they will have, and their plan of action.





In order to know if you have improved, you first need to measure your team’s progress, quantify your goals, like achieve an X% increase in visitors, leads, or customers.



You just can’t say a certain number you want to achieve, you need to assess that your goal is achievable in your specific situation. It is crucial to base your goals on your own analytics, not on industry benchmarks because it will eventually bite you off. For example, if your blog traffic increased by 5% last month, try increasing it by 8-10% this month, not 30%.



The goal should relate to the company’s overall goal and account for the current trends in the industry. Researching is important so that your efforts will not be put into waste. For example, will growing your Facebook lead to more revenue? Do you think Facebook is the right platform to reach your audience? You need to be aware of these factors as it can greatly impact the success of the business.



By setting a deadline to your goals, you will be able to put pressure on your team to accomplish them. This will also help you make consistent and significant progress in the long term. You can start by creating a timeline for your goals and see whether you are trying to achieve an overwhelming number of goals. By having a timeline, you will be able to see the whole picture and start strategizing how to achieve these goals for your business.




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