The Science Behind Social Media Logics

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The Science Behind Social Media Logics


“Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings," says Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker and salesman. What we are transferring is feeling of happiness and excitement when we sell something to our clients. The social media market can be a cut throat business, and marketing your content can be challenging. Successful content creators have a tested marketing formula that helps them maintain consistent output. The problem is that some creators that do fail or have a hard time winning over viewers or followers haven’t realized what marketing strategy they should take into account. These are some scientific and psychological strategies that can help boost your sales.






Before anything else, influence is vastly different from popularity. Popularity is when people know who you are and like you but influence is when people listen to you and greatly acknowledge your opinions and views. Influence can be a major tool when selling your content as you gain the ability to persuade viewers and followers by appealing to their emotions. You want to make sure that you are an influencer in your industry. This is true not just because of the influence itself, but what’s behind that and which is the credibility they’ve built to gain that characteristic. You know an influential person isn’t just lying because you know how much integrity they’ve worked for. In the end, popularity does tend to draw in viewers but it shouldn’t be your main focus. Spending time to build your influence should be the one as influence draws in crowds.




Credibility is the basis of success for most content creators. Youtubers, like Markiplier, and Instagram celebs, like the Jenner sisters, are successful in social media because of how trustworthy the quality of content they produce consistently. A new content creator will have difficulties because most viewers and followers are psychologically apprehensive to try your content. This is due to the fact that they are scared that you might just be wasting their time. Community immersion and content feedback should be your focus in the long run. This builds credibility for your content from the ground up, which are important steps to ensure success. You should advertise yourself consistently to people and take every form of comment and criticism constructively so you know which area you can still improve. Ultimately, you should be willing to work hard to create high quality content for your platform. Strong content produces vast credibility and your readers will love your content.






The Give and Take

People tend to do more when they know they’ve been rewarded for it. It also builds a strong relationship with them. For example, you could do a random brand merchandise giveaway to a number of subscribers or a free trial subscription for new followers. Contrary to belief, giving is not a commercial loss but rewarding your followers is more of an investment because they become more loyal and can help draw in more people to your content.





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