6 Ways to Grow Your Law Firm With HubSpot

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Competition between law firms have grown quite rapidly. The over saturation of the legal field in the past ten years has impacted the acquisition of new and ideal clients, as well as intensify the competition between the creme de la creme of the legal community.



It's easy to understand why law firms seek ways of boosting their own agenda by employing profound marketing strategies, and one of those is through digital marketing. Basically, this process has two goals in mind, it puts the law firm at an advantage for them to entice new talent and attract clientele - which is seen as the two best ways of keeping up with your competition.

In trying to keep up with rival firms, law firms should use everything available. It is vital to use the right resources to get a lead and use the right technologies to develop your online presence and get the clients you deserve. Most importantly, it will help to cut costs and save the most important resource: time.


HubSpot is a jack-of-all-trades platform built to cultivate companies and help them thrive by drawing in visitors, engage potential customers, and pleasing consumers.


HubSpot will surely benefit your law firm by streamlining its growth. Let’s unpack some of their best features:


Gathering of data on website visitors

HubSpot can track how visitors visit your website, and inform you on how they found you in the first place. This type of information is essential when growing your firm in order to formulate appropriate business strategies for the long run. HubSpot can effortlessly keep track of this information for you.


Managing your social media for audience engagement

The vast majority of law firms are keeping a social media presence available. Over the years, social media has exponentially grown. Now, almost all our information is being transmitted through a handful of social media platforms. It is a waste to not utilize this for your firm. The more clicks you have, the wider your audience is. A bigger audience easily translates to more clients and the power to recruit new talent. Managing social media content is a major feature of HubSpot. It can support scheduling for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter making it easier to getting to your preferred market. An added feature is HubSpot's seamless syncing with Google, Outlook or Office 365 for your client's ease of use so that you don't have to miss anything.


Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

The power of SEO cannot be put aside, since it allows businesses to attract visitors and funnel them to your website. HubSpot has the right tools for the job, making SEO a friendly tool for your purposes. HubSpot features the ability to create and edit content, track your competition through analytical data, see statistical information regarding your performance, web traffic, and even Google Search Console Integration.


Free Customer Relationship Management for Managing Contacts

You will be miles ahead of the competition when you are able to master the analytics behind attracting potential clients. CRM will allow you to manage past, current, and future interactions by showcasing client behavior. A handy tool for any rising firm.

You will see information about how your website was located on each contact/lead record (perhaps a certain keyword in a search engine) or how they approached you with a landing page, filled out a form to get an eBook fee, a contact form, whatever sites they visited, etc.

Email statistics may even be monitored, whether or not they have been opened, connections clicked on or even obtained at all. This will help the staff stay on top of existing and future customer interactions without doubt.


Automated Email Marketing

Emails can keep you constantly communicating with potential leads and convert them into clients. A great way to avoid being out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Handy in keeping yourself available to them virtually.


Website Builder

HubSpot is a great tool for building or improving your website. This will allow a firm to create relevant blog pages in order to further expand online presence. The collection of relevant data can allow visitors access to relevant content that will keep them come back to you for certain information, which will eventually prove to be beneficial for the firm as a whole. It can also create chatbots and live chat, which makes it even easier for regular clients to contact you.





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