5 Important Reasons Why Businesses Should Create Videos

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Videos are now becoming the go-to tool for most of the marketers to reach and connect with new audiences. Video marketing is no doubt very effective - in fact, a landing page with a video is capable of increasing 80% conversion rate. So how do brands use video to achieve a desired result, and more importantly, why?



Every business has their own goals, it varies differently from increasing brand awareness, social media boost and growth for your business, creating new sales, boosting SEO, and so much more. These are the top five reasons why brands make videos.

  1. Increase brand awareness

This is the number one reason why brands use video. Videos help businesses reach new audiences and attract new viewers to your website and your social media platforms.

  1. Increase new sales

Videos play a critical role to promote trust and increase brand equity. Brands create unique, compelling videos to attract the right customers and prospects and even close deals. Audiences have more sophisticated tastes and expectations, so keep in mind to create videos with the purpose of increasing sales - not appearing like an ad.

  1. Grow a social media community

Social platforms offer useful features that help build brand relationships when used cleverly. Live streaming can help make your brand feel more real, and it’s an opportunity to share more authentic, less polished content.

  1. Using videos to educate customers

Oftentimes, brands would collaborate with industry leaders to add new perspectives on a topic. Most people learn best through visuals, that is why video can be an exceptional tool for education prospects and customers. So consider incorporating educational videos as part of your content strategy, perhaps a how-to-tutorial for new users of your product or service? Why not.

  1. Brands use video to build brand authority

The fifth reason why brands use video is to build brand authority and demonstrate expertise. This means when people search for help on a particular topic, your brand will show up. So, after watching your videos, if viewers think they gained a special insight, they will trust your brand and explore what your business can offer.


There you go! Five reasons brands make videos, and why you should consider it too. Learn the 4 Key Benefits of Video Content and increase your landing page conversions by 80%!





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