Content Marketing: Steps to Ensure Success

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Florence Valderrama

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Your website's success lies mainly on its content, both on and off it. Not only will it be judged by users, it will also be screened by various search engines, especially if you are engaging in search engine optimization, or SEO. Bear in mind that it the Internet, content is the king. Being unable to meet its standards and guidelines would mean that you won't do well in the long run. So, if you're looking to avoid such situations, here are steps that will certainly help you out:

1. Know your readers

The first step in to ensure success in content marketing is to simply know who your readers are. These people also happen to be your target audience. That being said, it is highly recommended to pattern your content to be understandable to these readers, for obvious reasons.

Keep in mind to write like your readers are fifth graders, especially if you are catering to a general audience. Jargon and hard to understand words are highly discouraged, unless if you are aiming to reach a specific.

2. Write for your readers

If your content marketing campaign coincides with your SEO campaign, it actually makes things for you. Why? Well, all you have to do is to ensure that your content is well-written, without mistakes and of course, understandable, while inserting a few keywords.

Content Is King

As mentioned earlier, content is king, and ensuring that it is of good quality will increase your domain authority, and entice your readers to purchase your items and acquire your services.

Keep in mind that writing for your readers is also writing for search engines. Due to the Hummingbird update, Google is paying more attention to on-site content, not only to inbound backlinks.

3. Make it easy to read

Users want content handed to them on a GOLDEN platter, because silver is just too mainstream. Having said that, making your content easy to read is rather easy: just divide all of it into bite-sized pieces. Use bulleted lists, short sentences and paragraphs, along with infographics.

Imagine if this entry is a single paragraph clumped together. Would it make sense to you? Of course not. Actually, readers don't read your content. Although this sounds really ironic, it's actually true - they scan. They look for certain pieces of content and absorb information.

4. Spread the word

Regardless if you're resorting to pay per click advertisements, SEO or social media marketing or all of them, presentation plays a major role in doing so. In PPC ads, it must be very persuasive and give users a clear idea about what the ad is. In SEO meta descriptions have an all-important role, and in social media, widening your reach is a must.

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Florence Valderrama

Written by Florence Valderrama

Florence is the content and social media specialist at DecoGraphic. Drop her a line if you have any interesting topics that you would like to learn more about!

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