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3 Essential Marketing Managers That You Should Note

2 minute reading
Anyone who is working on marketing and sales would know on how important it is to always be on their toes in regards to tracking, testing and measuring their metrics day by day. After all, it is a way of measuring on how you are doing in the game. But if you think about it, is it necessary for everyone in your team to track all of these at the same time? Each person as a specific role with a certain expertise, should it not be the other way around where each one is given a specific task and ever...
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Marketing Tips from Legendary Duos

# marketing tips
2 minute reading
They say it takes two to tango, apparently they were right. Come to think of it, majority of known names come in twos. Ben and Jerry, Spongebob and Patrick, Mac and Cheese (yes, food still counts), Batman and Robin… the list goes on. Obviously, these dynamic twosomes helped create history. If you th...
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