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Skype Proves Steadfast Profitability in Digital Marketing

2 minute reading
Digital communication channels healthy conversations for building a vibrant community around one’s brand. Digital marketers are particularly aware of the necessity to build connection through instant messaging and video calls which makes Skype as a marketing tool, a sweet companion in handling business matters. Meetings, trainings, a humorous talk can all happen in Skype.
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Digital Marketing

Best Practices in Creating Facebook Ads

# Facebook Marketing
3 minute reading
Last year, Facebook has proven itself to be a tough opponent in the social media marketing field, especially when Mark Zuckerberg introduced a focus on video content, leading the way to its great popularity. Facebook’s virality has doubled since last year after video content marketing was initiated....
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Empowering Old Business Content

# content marketing
2 minute reading
Much has been said about content marketing and a number of strategies astounded us who are currently striving to be on top of search engine ranking. But for now, forget about those modern tactics surrounding the web, and let’s go a little backward on what we have done in the previous years. I’m talk...
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Avoiding Google Penalties Made Easy

# Google Update
2 minute reading
Recently Google released a new algorithm intended to make mobile-friendly websites for users on the go. Along with the new system, comes a new set of disadvantages for your website if ever you fail to optimize for mobile browsing. In this article, we will be discussing briefly the different warning ...
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