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What is the Internet of Things?

2 minute reading
      Maybe most people are not aware that even to the smallest device they have in their home is connectd to the internet. The Internet of Things is emerging. Consider it a funnel when taking advantage of social media. Objects such as cars, fixtures, TV’s, or even wearables that are connected to the cloud allow everyone to create a so-called “ecosystem” on the internet. The network connectivity generates a massive amount of data providing a pathway to reach destinations.    
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Business Technology 2018 trends

The Best Upcoming Technology Trends of 2018 

# Technology
5 minute reading
    The Global Stage of Innovation (CES) just recently took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, presenters staged most of the top of the line tech exhibitions to date. These are some of the tech we will be seeing soon in open markets and what possibly will transpire in the future.  
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Top Trends for Augmented Reality in 2018

# Technology
3 minute reading
      For those of you folks who don't know, AR stands for Augmented Reality. This technology may be new to some of us, but not to others. AR is a perspective of a physical, real-world setting in which environmental elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory data such as sound, video, or g...
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