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Predictions that Became a Reality in 2016

4 minute reading
  Regardless of the significance, predictions always excite people because what they tell are things and events of the future. From fortune tellers and palm readers, to prophets as controversial as Nostradamus, many people depend on these figures to see what’s in store for them. While predictions do not really provide guaranteed information about the future, in some cases, they do come true.  Below are some of the best predictions that became a reality in 2016.  
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The Secret to Digital Marketing

# Digital Marketing
2 minute reading
Every company has a secret recipe. Take KFC for example, they have their own secret blend of herbs and spices that makes their brand iconic to consumers all over the world. However, not all consumers are quite contended with secrets as some would ask companies to be as transparent as possible. Examp...
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The Top 5 Web Trends of 2015

# Infographics
2 minute reading
The year just barely got past its one month mark and we’re already seeing rising trends. Given that you have to start fresh this year for your website, we have provided you the top 5 web trends that you could make use for your own websites to help increase sales.
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