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How To Increase Your Conversion Rate On Twitter

2 minute reading
At this point, many marketers have noticed that Twitter isn’t just great for creating and strengthening a brand image, but it is also useful when it comes to researching audiences. But knowing isn’t enough; in order to be successful, a marketer needs to know how to use Twitter and build a business. To tweet just for the sake of tweeting is not effective on its own, all these efforts need to be measured and analyzed to improve performance. To help you optimize your presence on Twitter as well as ...
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Twitter Tips

How to Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing

# email marketing
2 minute reading
Since the boom of technology, business has only boomed bigger along with it. As a basis of communication towards consumers, partners, media, etc. email was the norm. But today as technology advances, specifically the World Wide Web, social media introduces an even greater platform for communication....
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