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3 minute reading
    The global crisis that we're currently living is far from over, resulting in a massive amount of economic pain and high unemployment. However, in the world of B2B sales, we seem to be emerging from the other side of the crisis and entering into the so-called “new normal”. Some businesses are starting to open again, some are trying hesitant to spend or invest during the lowest points of crisis, and the stock market has recovered much of its losses. It is quite clear that we are still in the d...
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Top 3 Reasons Why Consumers Read Blogs in 2020

# Digital Marketing
2 minute reading
    There's a misconception that blogging does not generate enough leads. Especially in 2020 when a lots of people are always glued to mobile phones, switching from one app to another.  However, for many marketers, blogging is still incredibly valuable. Surveys show that although 40% of people never...
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