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Has Your Business Considered a Chatbot?

# Business
4 minute reading
  What is a chatbot? Like SIRI, chat bots are now becoming the rising voice in customer communications. These are computer programs that mimic conversation among people with the use of Artificial Intelligence. From your list of to-dos to your everyday conversations, these bots change the way people ...
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Top 3 BIG Data Technology Developments

# entrepreneur
3 minute reading
  Although there are many new innovations in regards to the data technology developments, there are still names that belong to the top. Popular businesses require tools that would enable their companies keep on going and growing. Keep reading to learn about the top 3 big data technology developments...
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Minecraft is a Big Deal for Virtual Reality

# virtual reality
3 minute reading
  Minecraft is a very popular game where players build impressive structures in a 3D environment. Some players refer to the game as a masterpiece with its retro style world and the ability to do whatever you want. The game, however, goes beyond the basic gameplay of letting players build their own w...
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