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The Best Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Business

# Digital Marketing
2 minute reading
      “We shape our tools and thereafter, our tools shapes us.” This is what Marshall McLuhan said, a renowned professor in the study of media theory. The main tool we’re talking about here is Google Chrome. Why Chrome, though? With all the options of diverse web browsers out there, why this specifi...
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How Facial Recognition Systems Work

# Technology
3 minute reading
    The human eye can recognize about 150 faces at one given time, and each face has its own unique mark. This means that no two faces will be perfectly alike from each other. If you’ve seen movies like Robocop, Terminator or even Ex Machina, you may have noticed a highly developed system that is co...
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The Future of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

# Business
3 minute reading
    Artificial Intelligence is very popular nowadays, from tech websites, to videos, to your favorite video games. It's no secret that AI is a great way to keep up with your competitors using technology. However, it can still seem obscure, especially if B2B companies use it as an inaccessible tactic...
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