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YouTube or Vimeo? Which is Best for Your Business?

3 minute reading
      It's no secret that video marketing is the next next big in content management. By 2019, video content will lead almost 80% of all web traffic. That is why most businesses are trying to incorporate video production into their marketing strategy. However, it's important that you figure out where you're going to host your videos first. A lot of people will suggest that you use YouTube because it's the largest video hosting platform on the web, but it might not be the best choice for every bu...
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video marketing YOUTUBE


# Digital Marketing
3 minute reading
    YouTube is not just a social networking site that compiles videos for entertainment. It can also be a platform that can very well earn you business. That's why a lot of business owners are trying their best to be on the top ranking. Not only that, but it can also build a relationship with your c...
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How to Optimize Videos for YouTube Search

# video marketing
2 minute reading
    By now, you should know that a good marketing technique to bring your audience to your product is video. No matter the strategy, optimizing always involves relevant content. But how do you make sure you're uploading videos that your target market is searching for? Check out these tips on how to ...
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