Skype Proves Steadfast Profitability in Digital Marketing

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Digital communication channels healthy conversations for building a vibrant community around one’s brand. Digital marketers are particularly aware of the necessity to build connection through instant messaging and video calls which makes Skype as a marketing tool, a sweet companion in handling business matters. Meetings, trainings, a humorous talk can all happen in Skype.

Main Functions of Skype
One can send files, images and video messages through Skype. It is an excellent tool for conducting a conference call. The download of the app is applicable to Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac. For phones: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone, tablets and Smartphone. The use of the app is for free, and it also allows you to subscribe for calling landline and mobile numbers.

Skype has already proven its profitability in business through the convenient use of Microsoft’s VoIP and electronic communication at any places and any devices like mobile gadgets. Moreover, it’s likable through its ability to alternate between completely different versions without ever losing contacts and past conversations.

This tool is still launched, especially in Britain and United States through various browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Automatic updates are included.

Brief History
How Skype was created and introduced into the online realm is a question that only few users are interested to know about. But to fill you with knowledge of how it came to be, here is a brief story of this tool’s humble beginning.

Skype was developed by Dane Janus Friis and SwedeNiklas Zennstrom in August, 2003 which was back then, discharged as a primary beta version. The package was the work of Estonians known to be by the names of Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Port. In June, 2005, an agreement was established between Skype and Polish internet portal, and on September 12 of the same year, eBay inc. joined the proliferation of Luxembourg-based Skype technologies with 2.5 billion dollars approximate up-front money.

On September 2009, eBay marketed the 65th of Skype to Silver Lake, Adreessen Horowitz, and then to the North America’s Canadian Investment Board for 1.9 billion dollars, summing up to 2.75 billion dollars all in all.

A proclamation just this 11th of June, 2015 stated that those restricted Skype versions of Windows 8 would be out of print on July 7, where users are required to use the desktop’s complete version. Windows RT versions that forbid most desktop apps are said to be exempted from the amendment.

Skype’s Business Objectives
Currently, Skype active users range up to 170 million active users. The owner’s goal is to reach one billion users. Sounds challenging, but this aim is a form of stretch that will motivate its employees to work harder in order to achieve more advanced Skype features - regardless of the calculated risks they have to take. They believe this technology has the potential to bring adequate return on investment which can easily cover up their losses.

Skype and Microsoft
The two have almost similar features and capabilities such as video chat so Skype intends to reach out further. Skype wishes to bring reinforcements like Windows Live Instant Messenger, plus some significant enhancement for mobile marketing for Microsoft to rival two of the biggest companies today: Google and Apple.

Sooner or later, Facebook will acquire the same function for networking purposes. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, believes that the social platform is still lacking and it has more potential for growth that can leg up digital marketing strategies. Both parties will gain advantage when Skype fuses with Facebook. By then, Facebook chat will be similar with Skype and it might be an ideal feature for networking. On the flip side, Microsoft would take advantage of the 600 million users of Facebook to promote its product and services, likewise, achieve its “1 billion active users” goal.

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