4 Reasons Your Brand Is Behind on Mobile

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While many digital marketers fully realize the unlimited opportunities of going mobile, there are still people from small businesses to enterprises who perceive mobile, only as a channel. Maybe they have failed to understand the importance of mobile apps to build meaningful relationships with customers, collect information with consumers, and even maximize return on investment (ROI).



Mobile isn’t merely a channel, but a source of opportunities to keep people coming back. Sad to say, if you still don’t recognize mobile’s true potential, you can’t stay competitive for long.


Here are 4 Reasons Why Your Brand Is Behind on Mobile


  1. You have insufficient data to guide you in your marketing strategy.

Churn rates are a terrible thing to both marketers and mobile. Rather than fostering proactive marketing innovation, they often lead marketers into a reactive tailspin. Still, you can utilize churns by taking a hard look at the collected customer data of your app.

Find out who among those users abandon your app and when. Consequently, search for trends in user behavior, demographic segments and other important aspects that will tell you where you’ve gone wrong. Then, make some modifications that will align to what your users want.


  1. Users fail to understand your app’s value.

Mobile users spend 85% of their time on smartphone apps, but they don’t usually stay long when they fail to see the apps’ value. Make a difference by showing them how to get the most out of your app.

Some studies show that 3 out of 10 users abandon an app after first use, but not in all cases. If they have a good experience with the app, why abandon it then, would you agree?

The key there is to provide short and focused design tutorials, as well as page design test variables for a seamless flow. But if in case a user decides to stop, provide a push notification that allows the user to register. That’s a strategic part of the sales funnel.


  1. Your push approach is not working.

Push notifications are an important aspect of mobile journey. The main reason why most users deny the registration is because they don't know its benefits. There’s not enough information to read.

If you decide to utilize push notification, you have to let users understand its benefits to the in-app experience. Some mobile marketing tools allow you to suppress the default iOS prompt that appears when the app is first opened, and display it (as a request) when the user is more engaged. It does incredible user experience such as sending alerts when a wish list item is on sale. Push becomes a great tool only if you provide enough information about its benefits.


  1. You fail to personalize your app.

Remember that users are diverse individuals. Many marketers fail to take into account the lives of users – their country, culture, school, sleep, work and play. Studies show that 63% of marketers send messages to users at the wrong time.

The solution to this problem is automation. Mobile apps contain so much data about users’ behaviors, preferences, lifecycle, and more. Use those data to personalize your app experience and mobile messaging with your business campaigns.


Mobile offers digital marketers a lot of opportunities, not only in their reach, but also in their marketing campaigns. Understanding its full potential and applying it on your marketing strategies can lead to greater sales in the future.



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Daniela Belevan

Written by Daniela Belevan

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